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Autumnz - Electric Steam Steriliser (Lilac)

To sterilise your feeding equipment and accessories quickly and safely
Fast - Contents are sterile and ready to use in 10 minutes
Easy to use - Just add water, load and switch on
Safe - BPA free
Convenient - Contents remain sterile for up to 6 hours if unopened
Effective sterilisation- Based on hospital principle, the intensive heat of the steam eliminates harmful bacteria
Large capacity- Holds up to 8 bottles or 2 sets of breastpumps 
  • Keep out of reach of children at all times
  • Be warned that the hot water in and the steam from the steriliser can cause severe burns and scalding. Please take precautions at all times.
Contents: 1 unit of Autumnz Electric Steam Steriliser, 1 unit of Tongs
Warranty: 1 Year
Normal Price Rm129.90
Promotion Price Rm 110.00 (excl postage)

EASY - Bottle Drying Rack (White/Blue)

RM 29.90

EASY - Bottle Drying Rack (White/Pink)

RM 29.90

EASY - Bottle Drying Rack (Yellow)


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